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Information About Selling Your Storage Facility

Are there commissions or additional fees to pay when working with you?

Absolutely not. We never charge any fees or commissions to buy your property.

I'm worried about the capital gains on the sale of my property. Any suggestions?

Absolutely! Getting creative with owners as far as trying to minimize tax liability is a passion of ours, and we'd love to discuss options with you.

Are you a broker?

We are not Real Estate Agents or Brokers. W we do not act as agents or brokers when it comes to self storage or commercial real estate. Our interest is in purchasing facilities directly, not listing them for sale.

Is the information I share confidential?

Yes! We're always happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with sellers.

What do you need from me in order to make me an offer?

Great question. The more information you can provide, the better quality offer we'll be able to put together. We typically are looking for at least the following two things if at all possible:
Rent roll (Unit Sizes, Current Rents, Vacancy, etc.) Income and Expense Information (i.e. Profit and Loss Statements) for the past 2 years
It's also helpful to know if there are any liens, maintenance issues, etc. so we can take these into account before we get too far down the path. Not sure what any of these things are or have questions? Give us a call at 410-500-9133.

Will you pay a fair price for my property?

It's our firm belief that in order to be successful, every transaction we do needs to be a win-win for all parties. While it's necessary for us to ensure that the purchase makes business sense on our side, we also understand that it needs to make sense for you. We strive to always treat our sellers with the upmost respect and transparency in any transaction. We'd love the opportunity to show you that first hand!